Tango Fado Project

Manhattan Camerata
with Daniel Binelli, Polly Ferman and Nathalie Pires

Exploring the connections between the sensual Argentine Tango and the passionate Portuguese Fado, Manhattan Camerata blends the traditional sounds of the two instruments at the very heart of both styles: bandoneón and Portuguese guitar. Although originating in two distant countries, Tango and Fado are closely related in harmony, melody and lyrical theme, but differ in rhythm and instrumentation. Lyrics deal with heartbreak and grief; Tango frequently expresses anger while Fado often conveys resignation. This Transclassical album divides into four parts: Tango, Fado, a mix of the two, and beyond.

Lucia Caruso and Pedro Henriques da Silva are a musical union kindred to the renown Binelli-Ferman Duo. Daniel Binelli claims the Portuguese guitar “is like a cathedral; the instrument shimmers and resonates in a way that feels like it has its own reverb chamber." The equally evocative bandoneón originated in Germany as a replacement for the organ in small churches. These instruments embody the passion and romantic soul of Fado and Tango respectively, are intensified by the bravura piano of Polly Ferman and Lucia Caruso, and punctuated by the firey vocals of Fado singer Nathalie Pires.


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